Siddhar Thirumoolar, as seen by Sivakami Om Anandi

Siva Yoga


I, Jai Praveen, have been a seeker all of my life. It has shown externally and internally in many ways, very often contrasting the expectations of the society. My path lead me to my Teacher Sivakami Om Anandi (she never wanted to be addressed as a Guru), who passed on the teachings, and the opportunity to serve with the responsibility to guide new students into Thirumoolar's Siva Yoga. Sivakami Om Anandi was a Teacher with great vision, and long before I came to realize how the matters were, she had already communicated them to me in many ways. I now humbly receive this task of Masters and work to serve the cause in which ever means I have at my disposal.

Jai Praveen

The Three Divine Qualities

This series of practices known as the Three Divine Qualities is somewhat unique to Indian Yoga. They admit to the importance of chakra energy on the front of the body as well as the more traditional chakra system which lies at intervals along the spine. Through systematic steps, it cleanses and clears all levels of the chakra system which has a direct correlation to every other aspect of our being. Each chakra actually has seven layers or levels. Each succeeding level interpenetrates all the levels below it, including the physical body. These levels each have their own vibration. They all occur at different vibratory rates and therefore can occupy the same space. These chakra vibrations are reflected outward to make up the individual's aura or auric field and there they also interpenetrate all seven levels. Therefore we actually have seven bodies all occupying the same space at the same time. 

Thirumoolar's 51-letter Siva mantra mantra

Thirumoolar's 51-letter Siva-mantra is a way of connecting to Siddhar Thirumoolar, and a key element of the Siva Yoga sadhana. It is good to chant this mantra, connect to Thirumoolarji and learn it by heart before initiating the sadhana. This will help you to get tuned in and accustomed to Thirumoolarji's energy. Besides this, learning this mantra by heart will greatly facilitate learning the first steps of Siva Yoga. 



Si Va Ya Na Ma
Ya Na Va Si Ma
Ma Va Ya Na Si
Si Ya Na Ma Va
Va Si Ma Ya Na

Tirumoolar's Siva Mantra by Dario Zerjal (link for download).

So - Ham mantra and pranayama

Sound, Breath, and Transcendence


Unless we deliberately seek to regulate our breathing, we are ordinarily unaware of breathing. When we begin to meditate, we become conscious of  the sound produced by our lungs. For some beginners, this can be a disturbing experience. For the more experienced, this is rythmic sound that is welcomed, because they can fasten their attention on it until the mind itself is transcended.


In Yoga, the breath, which is technically known as “hamsa” (swan), is seen as a manifestation of the transcendental Life, or Self. The two syllables of the word; ham and sa; are the ingoing and outgoing breath, and are also the ascending and descending currents of life force. They contain a great message; “I am He”. In this way, breath is the constant reminder of the absolute truth, and that we are identified with the great Life of the Cosmos. This is the core teaching of the HamSa- Upanishad.


The sequence of hamsa can also be heard as So-ham - So-ham. It’s esoteric meaning is “I am He”. ie: The Divine One. In this way the body is constantly affirming it’s own true being. If one meditates on So’ham, and this is the form suggested by Thirumoolarji in His famous Thirumandiram, then we can merge with the Divine. The goal of this practice is liberation from the rounds of rebirth. It gradually refines our state of consciousness.


Prana, or Life Force, is in the air that we breath. This Life Force also is the sum total of all existing energy in the Universe. Within this Life Force, exists the primal consciousness. By continuing practice of So-Ham with the breath (pranayama mantra), one gains control over both the central nervous system and the mind. By it’s practice, selfishness and passions are brought under one’s control. This also helps in awakening the dormant kundalini energy, or Sakti.


The nerve channels through which the energy of kundalini flows, are cleansed through consistent practice. Another byproduct of this practice, is it increases the alpha waves within the brain. If done correctly, it leads to control over the emotions, calmness of mind, and refinement of sense perceptions. Awareness of the internal noises of the body may also become apparent. Over time, all impurities of the mind are removed and a sense of peace and harmony is born.


This then leads naturally into a state of meditation, where the mind becomes the abode of extra-sensory perception. Intuitive knowledge increases as scheming is eliminated. So-ham repetition with the breath, favorably influences one’s subconsciousness, aiding in calmness, single-pointedness of mind, and the burning of Karma.


The body is further helped as well by the proper elimination of carbon dioxide and absorption of oxygen, a relaxed effect upon the heart, and the whole of the nervous system. In the Brahma Vidya Upanishad (knowledge of the Absolute), the practice of Hamsa meditation is recommended for both householders, and renunciates. It tells us that it leads to not only Spiritual perfection, but also is designed to awaken one’s paranormal abilities.


It makes no difference if you practice So-ham in the morning, afternoon, or evening… just practice it! Find a regular time in your schedule to do so. Try to always practice it daily at the same time (whatever time you pick). Consistency is very helpful, for Where and When become absolutes to the subconscious mind (which you are training). Watch the whole process as you practice, and enjoy the reality which will begin to open to you.



Sivakami Om Anandi

Anbe Sivam - God is Love

It has come to my attention recently, what a misunderstood phrase this seems to be for modern humans; although it is a straight‐forward statement. Anbe Sivam does not say, God is Love if you are detached, or God is Love if you are the watcher, or any other modifying factor. Like all else on the spiritual path, Love is a ladder of intelligent vibration you climb one step at a time. 

All these steps begin from where you are, in a physical body with physical responses. My own spiritual mentor, Swami Bhaktananda compared it to falling in love with one’s potential mate or significant other. This is one of the first deep spiritual experiences that is experienced as a result of the practice of deep meditation. I have seen several devotees so drunk on Siva that they were temporarily nonfunctional and needed help to get home. It is also not uncommon for these feelings of Love to be directed to the Guru or Acharya who has taught the Chela the art of meditation. 

The classic case that comes to mind is Bagavad Krishna and the Gopis who were all in love with Him.   It should be understood that this is OK. It represents a major breakthrough to the underlying reality - Anbe Sivam. This is the magnetic force behind and beyond all creation. Through connection to the teacher’s expanded realization of this state, the devoted Chela’s own vibration is moved in that same direction. This could be compared to a tuning fork that is set to vibrating. If you put another tuning fork in proximity to the one vibrating, the second will vibrate in like fashion. In a student’s case, this happens through devotion and meditation given by the teacher. 

Among other qualities, this creates a new spiritual family that is founded on God’s Love - Anbe Sivam.   As the devotee goes deeper and deeper, great levels of bliss begin to fill them. This automatically turns one more and more inward where one is absorbed in the Samadhi of Love.   This is the great secret of the statement, God is Love, and why Thirumoolarji compares it to being Love‐possessed. 

In verse 284 of the Thirumandiram, He says, ”Like the sweet love in sex‐ act experienced, so in the Great Love, let yourself to Him succumb; Thus in Love sublimed, all your senses stilled, Bounding in Bliss Supreme, that this becomes.” This state of “being in love” that is so much like that of falling in love with a potential mate is the key to the realms of the highest states of bliss; where you feel “cooked” and you melt in surrender to the sweet ecstasy of Love. For it is inside this Love, that one finds Siva…for this is His nature. When one resides in this Love, then and only then is one set free. 

Sivakami Om Anandi


Maha Siddhar Thirumoolar

10th November, 2009  


I am responding to the call of the Masters and taking up the work of providing Siva Yoga for anyone with willingness to learn this spiritual practice. I consider myself as mere tool of the Masters and therefore do not claim ownership of these teachings. As it was envisioned by Sivakami Om Anandi, I do my part as seva (service). Therefore the teachings and guidance is always free of cost.


Jai Praveen

16th November, 2021