Guru Parampara

The Sat Guru

There is much confusion in this day and age of the real meaning of the Guru. My experience in this area goes clear back to 1976 when I first joined Self‐Realization Fellowship, founded by Paramahansa Yogananda. A year after I joined, I went to a weekend retreat offered by SRF and led by a swami/monk of their order, by the name of Brother/ Swami Bhaktananda. During my very first exposure to this swami, a lightning flash passed between his spiritual eye and mine. 

We didn’t talk about it; but I intuitively knew, he knew it had happened by the expression on his face. He also knew that I knew. Did this make him my guru? No; but it did make him my first connection to Paramahansa Yogananda, and thus to this line of Yogis. He was also my mentor for many years. The night following this experience with the lightning flash, Yoganandaji came astrally to me in my room and quietly took on much of my karma. When he was done, He bowed to me and then was instantly gone. 

My life changed from this moment forward. Suddenly, I could concentrate like never before in my life. Since I was already seriously committed to meditation, almost overnight I now received results. In less than 4 months time, I moved through all the levels of Samadhi until I found myself one with the Sea of Spirit, spread throughout the whole universe. Did this make Yoganandaji my true Guru? I certainly thought so. Certainly, I did not question it. 

A few years later, while meditating, Mahavatar Babaji Nagaraj suddenly gave me His darshan. It was a powerful experience, that suddenly caused me to realize that it is not the individual Guru only; but the “Guru Line” to which I was connected, that was truly important. This essentially means those, who are trained and receive the spiritual charge along a given line of teachings.

 Only later did I learn that the Ancient Siddhas of South India refer to this tradition of gurus as “Parampara”.   In the Tamil Siddha literature there is almost a total absence of any local cults of Deities. No genuine Siddha in ancient Tamil literature (including Siddhar Thirumoolar) seems to have ever sung in praise of any local God or deity. It would appear that no Siddha ever worshiped any deity in the temples. 

Without saying it in so many words, this was even SRF’s approach. The only things on the altar are the photos of the Masters of their line. This also fits with what Thirumoolar says, “The Guru is SIVAM; the guru is the ineffable one…” SIVA (as the guru) is said to contact the disciple in the Ajna chakra (spiritual eye) and from that time forward, contact is continuous.

 Even after all these wonderful experiences that I had been graced with from this line of Gurus, the pinnacle experience did not come to me until early in 1992. The minute my mind learned who Thirumoolar was, He came to me in the traditional manner; through the Spiritual Eye, and astrally out into my bedroom. He spoke my name, how happy He was to be with me again, and many other things He shared with me. As He was leaving, He touched my ajna center with his fingers, and was gone. 

I was drunk on His love for days following this experience. All doubt was gone forever. I knew this great soul was my True Guru; my Sat Guru; the original from many past lifetimes ago. The question arises in the mind; “Could I have been able to receive this great being’s presence and power if those down the Guru line from Him had not come to my aid when they did?" It is said, there are no (or few) true accidents. If that is so, then I have to conclude I was not meant to experience only the single guru; but the Parampara of Gurus that are in this line, from Paramahansa Yogananda back to Lord Shiva. 

Paramahansa Yogananda’s line of gurus goes back to Mahavatar Babaji and through him back to his Gurus, Siddhars Boganathar and Agastyar. Thirumoolar’s Guru is Nandi, and both Nandi’s and Agastyar’s Guru is Shiva. The 9th Tantiram of the Thirumantiram, states the deep importance of the guru. In verse 139 Thirumoolarji says that proper understanding is achieved by the disciple by looking at the guru, by chanting the guru’s name, by following the guru’s message, and by meditating on the guru’s figure. 

Only the guru can give one the inner experience of contact with the higher worlds and with Siva. This was their aim; to have the direct Spiritual experience. Within the individual, exists all the sacred places and the synthesis of all idols. The great difference between the Guru line of the ancient Tamil Siddhas and others is addressed by Siddhar Korai very simply. A true Siddha points to the path of experience whereas a non‐siddha points to the path of scripture. 

Recently, Thirumoolarji has shown me He lives all the time within my Crown Chakra. It is from this location, anchored within physical reality, He initiates those chelas who are sincerely following His teachings (offered on this TSY website). It is a fascinating story, of how these great Siddhas have kept their teachings alive and vital from one generation to the next. Always a willing living human vessel is the temple into which they move. They have been doing this for countless generations and I can only guess they will continue in this manner for many generations to come.

My replacement, already known to me, will continue this work in a like fashion for this Maha Siddhar Thirumoolarji, and for the greater expansion of His bliss into each of His disciples.

Sivakami Om Anandi, 14th November, 2009 

Thirumoolar Nathar

There is a whole lot of information about Siddhas and Masters. What we wish to share here is our journey with these beings of Light, Love and Wisdom. Our journey with Thirumoola Nathar started in 2006 with the initiation of Siva Yoga. Our learning did not come from the verses of Tirumanthiram, but from HIS presence as teachings, knowing, guidance and situations, which pushed us to look within and to be in the NOW.

He is pure Love

He is a vortex of energy, once connected with, will lead us from the pits of darkness to light. He is the Satguru to Whom one can surrender

Va Va Va Va En Guru Natha

Va Va Va Va Tirumoola Natha

Mahavatar Kriya Babaji

Aum Kriya Babaji Namah Aum

Om Kriya Babaji Namah Om

Aum Kriya Babaji Namah Aum


Babaji is the one who took us in to his stride, our Father, guide, Master and much, much more. He is a culmination of seeking and striving. No words can express who he is or his energy.  Wrapped in silence, he is the core of every being on planet Earth. Chant the above mantra to connect to Babaji, to feel his Love.


Let Babaji guide every soul in need and search.



Paramahamsa Yogananda

To many he is the prime initiator of the path. Especially in the Western world, it is Yoganandaji, who has made the science of Yoga known to multitude of souls. Autobiography of a Yogi is a necessary zone one should pass through. It brings the world of Masters, Kriya Yoga and their disciplined work to a seeker at one beautiful shot. Today we face a pressing need to surrender to the Hierarchy to become and be mere tools of Grace. Gurudeva connects, when called with need and faith. The light that he shines through never leaves us, but will always guide us to the destination of this incarnation.


Jai Gurudev

Sivakami Om Anandi

Mata Sivakami found her calling into deep mysticism and spirituality through Self-Realization Fellowship, which was founded by Paramahamsa Yogananda in America. The merits of her past lives put her in touch with the inner Yogic Masters, who guided every step of her journey  to liberation. Divine Siddha Thirumoolar played a prominent role in her life by rekindling the Guru-Sishya relationship and Soul connection of previous births (Chidambaram). She channeled the 3DQ (Three Divine Qualities) teachings from Divine Thirumoolar. She was a house holder, and the teachings were meant for such people as well. She never advocated for abandoning mundane life but was strongly against such phenomena. She spent the last seven years of her life in Hawaii.