Below are links to different steps of Thirumoolar's Siva Yoga teachings. Each one of the steps are password protected and one step should be continuously and daily practiced for at least 6 weeks before taking on to the next step. Once the stipulated time of practice has been done, one should approach the teachers with a brief description of once experiences of one's practice in meditation and in normal life.

Notice. These techniques are behind the password protection for a reason. Although, they have been freely given to you, you should not give them away to someone else. If someone else is interested in these teachings, please guide them to us and they will receive what you have. This is for your own best. When you keep these teachings (the techniques) as your own secret, you don't dilute the power of your initiation / diksha. This is for your sake only. Telling about Siva Yoga, meditation or your personal life in general to others is by all means fine and left to your judgement.